Time to make a move.

11 years ago we bought our first home. It was a new home. We have done improvements, upgrades and we love it. It’s nearly paid for also, but……

We have 1/3 of an acre in a small sub division. We have a fence, and a shed. The biggest part of our yard is on a slope. It’s all been basically maintenance free. With all that said, we have 2 boys!

2 boys that need to shoot guns, play in the mud, ride 4 wheelers, learn manual labor, run, play hide and seek, laser tag, baseball, football, slingshots, break stuff and most importantly get away from screens. I’m sure there are a million other things as well.

With all that said it’s time to move to a place with some land, trees and out buildings. Maybe get some farm animals. Now it’s time to sell the home we have known for 11 years. The only home our boys have ever known.

Our future is in a old farm house on 2 acres, and our future is very bright!!!

So it’s 2019 and what have you done?


What have you done? If your like most you have probably checked Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and snap chat several times.

I know for myself this is a personal battle that happens daily. What did so and so do? Wow, they have a perfect life. They got the new phone, I need to keep up. I wish I could do that for my family. Does any of that sound familiar?

It sure does for me. That’s why I’m taking a step back, way back from all the social media. I need to focus 100% on my family. I feel like social media is my kryptonite and it’s time to change that.

I have deleted all social platforms from my devices. Twitter is the only exception. Since I refuse to watch the news or read newspapers due to negativity twitter will be my only glimpse to the outside world. I know I know twitter is negative also, but it’s real easy to tap the block button!

I hope this will be a life changing decision…or maybe I will be back on the social media wagon in a month or so. Either way I’m going to enjoy it as long as it last. After all my family deserves my attention 100% and they are going to get it weather they like it or not!

Adoption journey is closed, but not over.

This past week our adoption journey officially came to a close. Closed, not the end. Legally the adoption door is closed behind us and we can go on with life and our 2 boys!

The dream started years ago, but this leg of the journey started about a year and a half ago. A good friend asked me to breakfast. He started telling me how he thought my Wife and I were amazing parents. Then he told me he would like to see us adopt. I told him that we would love to but it’s way to expensive. He offered his support.

I was blown away. Thrilled, emotional, excited and hopeful is how I felt. I went home and told my Wife. She was instantly excited, but very cautious. Then we started looking into the process. We started to see the numbers. 30 thousand, uh we can’t ask for that!

Then we found out we didn’t have to. Fundraisers, tax credits, donations OH MY!! Don’t let me fool you it’s hard work. But if you want a child you’ll do anything. That’s exactly what we did. Whatever we could we did. Take advantage of all aspects, you will be shocked at how many people want to help.

The biggest thing is tell your story. Friends, Co workers, church groups and of course social media. If it wasn’t for Facebook I wouldn’t be typing this with our baby boy in my arms. Check around there are all kind of adoption groups offering help. So if your thinking about adopting stop! Stop thinking and start doing! Your gonna be changing diapers on 4 hours of sleep before you know it!

Remember all adoption stories have ups and downs. Heart breaks and moments of pure joy. But if your heart is in the right place and your intentions are good you will end up completing your journey. In the end it will be worth it. Just remember there is no timeline or time limit on this journey. Stay positive and keep the faith.

What’s the difference, they are both boys.

“Every kid is different” at least that’s what I have always heard. So far it seems very true. Here are a few examples of differences that I have noticed with my boys.

Spit up, yea I’m going right there. With Coop we literally used a receiving blanket as a burp cloth. Feed him 4 ounces and the blanket would be saturated. Cash on the other hand rarely spits up but he burps like a drunken sailor, loud and smelly.

Hanging out in the crib. With Coop I was a totally hard a$$. First night we were home Coop was in his crib. I think that night was the most my Wife ever wanted to stab me. Cash, well he is nearly 6 weeks and haven’t spent more then 2 hours in his crib at a time. I guess we are parenting Cash differently, because we are older? Surely not because we are wiser! Oh well it’s somehow working out.

Will Cash be a lego maniac because of Coop or will he be wired different? I wouldn’t be upset if he’s obsessed with sports instead of legos. Can at least one of my boys be pro wrestling fans? Maybe that’s a bit much to ask!

I’m sure there will be a million different things that are different with these boys. But I suppose that’s half the adventure. If your reading this shoot me a comment about the biggest differences in your children. I sure would like some heads up because I clearly have no clue what I’m doing!


Things a Newborn helps you remember.

It’s been over 7 years since we brought home our first Son. It’s amazing how time flies. It’s also amazing all the things you forget about having a newborn. Here are a few things that Cash has helped me remember.

I remember that you don’t need 6-8 hours of sleep to function like a normal human. Cash has reminded us that you can function on 3 or less for multiple days in a row.

I remember that you don’t need extra money. You think you need a savings account that continues to swell weekly. Cash has reminded us that diapers, formula and child care are expensive.

I remember when I could come home from work and relax. Everyone needs a few chill minutes after a wild day at work. Cash has reminded us that “taking it easy” is overrated. There is always something to do with a newborn. Dishes, laundry, changing diapers take away all your free time.

I remember what it’s like to stare in amazement as our older Son took his first steps, tasted a lemon for the first time or especially hit his first baseball. Cash will definitely remind us of all of these things and many many more. I’m excited to remember all of these little moments that we take for granted with our 7 year old.

I so look forward to all of our future adventures. I also look forward to teaching my boys all kinds of bad habits that drives Mom nuts! Dad life has doubled and I am super excited about it!

World Series Week


I’m trying to play catch up.  I really wanted to tell this story.

Ahhhh The World Series!  For anyone that knows me they know that I’m a huge Boston Red Sox fan!  Thats great and all but thats just a little part of this story.  This is a story of Jesus and prayer.

This story really starts on Sunday.  Our Pastor was up preaching and speaking on preparation.  Most people prep for the wrong thing.  We all do it, I was currently doing it. Prepping for the World Series.  Not listening to worship music at work, but instead 8 hours of baseball talk.  Not reading the Bible at home, instead several hours of Twitter and baseball blogs.  Not even really thinking about our baby boy that we would be adopting in just a few short weeks.  Baseball, that was my focus.

We were cruising along on our adoption journey the Red Sox were the best team on the planet and it was game one of the 2018 World Series!  We hadn’t heard from our Birth Mom in a few days.  My Wife was feeling concerned, but I was thinking about the batting lineup for game one.  My Wife started to reach out to the Birth Moms sister just before the game.  Then we got a message “The adoption is off”.  Thats all I read.  I started to feel sick, I wanted to cry.  I had so many questions but no one to ask.  No body would understand, nobody had an answer.  We were alone with nobody.

After reading that baseball didn’t matter, not even the world series.  We got as much info out of the sister as we could.  Didn’t help, nothing helped.  Then I had an “Ah ha” moment.  Prayer, it was default.  I did it daily, for a lot of people and for a lot of different things.  In that moment I realized I had to pray…a lot.  I needed everyone to pray.  I sent texts to family, friends and coworkers.  I asked for prayers for us, for the baby and for the Birth Mom.  Yep, especially her.

I had many people comment that they thought I was crazy.  After all she took the unborn baby away from us.  She crushed us!  But I knew that it had to be done. It didn’t make sense but I was learning a lesson from God.  Those are the most valuable lessons there are.  Pray, even when it doesn’t make sense.  Prayer is all you have and all you need.

So after a few gut wrenching days of praying daily, hourly some times every few minutes we got a call.  Can you guys come and meet Her on Sunday, the answer was obviously yes.  Thats all we could think about, neither of us could sleep after that.  What do we say to her, what do we do?  We did the thing that made the most sense, we prayed.

We met, talked and meet her needs.  Turns out there was some communicating issues on both sides.  Turned out she wanted us as bad as we wanted her.  Basically we came to an agreement that our originally agreement was still the best solution for everyone.  We were happy, she was thrilled and all was right.  We drove home and I missed most of the game.  Turns out that it would be the final game of the series.  The Red Sox won, but I felt like I was the real winner.  I learned what I already knew.  Jesus loves us and prayer works if its Gods will.  His whole plan is perfect even though there are some rain clouds, it always ends up sunny.

Admittedly I watched the last 3 innings at home alone, where this bumpy ride started.  I was into the game.  When the final pitch was thrown and the Red Sox won I lost it.  I cried uncontrollably.  Not because the Sox won but because I could feel the love of Jesus pumping thru me, and it is awesome! IMG_1803

When Chris Sales hand went up my heart boiled over with the love of God, and to me this picture represents that moment.  In the future I will be just as passionate about Red Sox baseball, but its going to have to take a back seat to the passion I feel for Jesus.

As for the adoption, everything went perfect.  On Nov 9th at just after 11 pm Cash entered this world.  Happy and healthy.  So you wanna see a picture?56411026393__4350FBE2-E724-4CB7-BB28-E4AABBEBA644

Yep, he’s pretty great!

Summer was like WOW

As I lay here on the couch getting ready to settle into a long evening of college football I realized summer was all but over. I’m not sure if it was a high temp in the 70s or the sight of pumpkins all over our home that made me realize this but it was true.

Where do I begin? How about the beginning! GREAT IDEA! Coops summer was pretty great. We did the day care camp at the local YMCA and I think he really enjoyed it. He made some new friends and picked up some new skills. What new skills you ask? He mastered swimming and “The Floss”. The floss, if you know you know and your not surprised. Play times with pals and swimming with friends completed the summer.

Our summer family vacation was amazing as well. It was basically a 3 stop journey themed by baseball(I loved it). First stop was Cooperstown and the Hall of Fame. I think the whole family enjoyed it. Seen some stars, walked the hall and seen the sights. I was able to check that off my bucket list, hopefully we can go back someday.

Second stop was Boston. Walked the city, watched some street shows and took in a Red Sox game at Fenway Park. Taking my Son to Fenway was great and hopefully he loved it as much as me. The Sox lost but the memories we made were amazing.

Then we headed to Cape Cod. First thing I would say about the Cape is it’s vastly underrated!!! It’s beautiful, and has everything you would want on a vacation and nothing you don’t! We watched some Cape Cod league baseball and hit the beach a bit. The weather was not great for swimming but it was perfect for everything else.

Coop started 1st grade a month or so ago and it’s unreal the growth we have seen out of him already. He is just getting so smart so quickly. He really makes me proud. I know he is going to have struggles but I think he is going to be able to work thru them just fine.

Oh and one more thing. Adoption, yea back on July 4th we meet a young lady and she agreed to let us raise her unborn baby boy. This has been a wildly emotional journey. We are super excited and can hardly wait to bring Baby Cash Jasper home. Hopefully everyone will be happy healthy and well adjusted in just a few short months. The blessings we have received are unreal. If you read this I would just ask for prayers for our family, Baby Cash and his Birth Mother. God has a plan and I can’t wait to see how we fit in.

I promise I will do better with posting. I’m sure adding Baby Cash to the mix will not effect how I post 🙄.

1st lemonade Stand

So my Son is awesome. Not just hey look at my cool bike trick awesome, I’m talking next level awesome. He is 7 years old and he ran his own lemonade stand today to raise money for our adoption process.

Yea, when I was 7 I was trying to figure how to raise money for that LJN Hulk Hogan wrestling figure. He’s better then that, and apparently better then me.

He raised over $550. He feels great about it and so do I. If more people were like my 7 year old this country we live in would be amazing. We should all try to do something selfless every now and again. Basically I’m just over here bragging about how great my Son is. Have a great weekend!

And just like that, kindergarten is over!

Seemed like we talked about it for years. We even waited an extra year to send him. Emotionally he wasn’t ready, physically and academically he was more then ready for the challenge of kindergarten. The decision we made was the right one. He’s now super confident, and academically at the top of his class.

He had some rough times this year but all in all I think he had a positive experience. He made plenty of friends and really grew into himself. My favorite thing to do is watch him grow. Win lose or draw he is trying hard and that is something I love to see.

Mrs Hulvey was the perfect teacher for him. She was stern and understanding all at the same time. She “got” Coop and we were very blessed to have her. I will say we had some bullies in the class that I’m glad we won’t have to deal with on a daily basis next year. I mean the fact that Coop was stabbed with a pencil, chased with scissors and kicked in the groin multiple times say enough.

We always made the best of those issues and in the end I think they helped him grow. Now it’s time to enjoy summer and prepare for those 1st grader adventures! Happy summer!!!

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