World Series Week


I’m trying to play catch up.  I really wanted to tell this story.

Ahhhh The World Series!  For anyone that knows me they know that I’m a huge Boston Red Sox fan!  Thats great and all but thats just a little part of this story.  This is a story of Jesus and prayer.

This story really starts on Sunday.  Our Pastor was up preaching and speaking on preparation.  Most people prep for the wrong thing.  We all do it, I was currently doing it. Prepping for the World Series.  Not listening to worship music at work, but instead 8 hours of baseball talk.  Not reading the Bible at home, instead several hours of Twitter and baseball blogs.  Not even really thinking about our baby boy that we would be adopting in just a few short weeks.  Baseball, that was my focus.

We were cruising along on our adoption journey the Red Sox were the best team on the planet and it was game one of the 2018 World Series!  We hadn’t heard from our Birth Mom in a few days.  My Wife was feeling concerned, but I was thinking about the batting lineup for game one.  My Wife started to reach out to the Birth Moms sister just before the game.  Then we got a message “The adoption is off”.  Thats all I read.  I started to feel sick, I wanted to cry.  I had so many questions but no one to ask.  No body would understand, nobody had an answer.  We were alone with nobody.

After reading that baseball didn’t matter, not even the world series.  We got as much info out of the sister as we could.  Didn’t help, nothing helped.  Then I had an “Ah ha” moment.  Prayer, it was default.  I did it daily, for a lot of people and for a lot of different things.  In that moment I realized I had to pray…a lot.  I needed everyone to pray.  I sent texts to family, friends and coworkers.  I asked for prayers for us, for the baby and for the Birth Mom.  Yep, especially her.

I had many people comment that they thought I was crazy.  After all she took the unborn baby away from us.  She crushed us!  But I knew that it had to be done. It didn’t make sense but I was learning a lesson from God.  Those are the most valuable lessons there are.  Pray, even when it doesn’t make sense.  Prayer is all you have and all you need.

So after a few gut wrenching days of praying daily, hourly some times every few minutes we got a call.  Can you guys come and meet Her on Sunday, the answer was obviously yes.  Thats all we could think about, neither of us could sleep after that.  What do we say to her, what do we do?  We did the thing that made the most sense, we prayed.

We met, talked and meet her needs.  Turns out there was some communicating issues on both sides.  Turned out she wanted us as bad as we wanted her.  Basically we came to an agreement that our originally agreement was still the best solution for everyone.  We were happy, she was thrilled and all was right.  We drove home and I missed most of the game.  Turns out that it would be the final game of the series.  The Red Sox won, but I felt like I was the real winner.  I learned what I already knew.  Jesus loves us and prayer works if its Gods will.  His whole plan is perfect even though there are some rain clouds, it always ends up sunny.

Admittedly I watched the last 3 innings at home alone, where this bumpy ride started.  I was into the game.  When the final pitch was thrown and the Red Sox won I lost it.  I cried uncontrollably.  Not because the Sox won but because I could feel the love of Jesus pumping thru me, and it is awesome! IMG_1803

When Chris Sales hand went up my heart boiled over with the love of God, and to me this picture represents that moment.  In the future I will be just as passionate about Red Sox baseball, but its going to have to take a back seat to the passion I feel for Jesus.

As for the adoption, everything went perfect.  On Nov 9th at just after 11 pm Cash entered this world.  Happy and healthy.  So you wanna see a picture?56411026393__4350FBE2-E724-4CB7-BB28-E4AABBEBA644

Yep, he’s pretty great!

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